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Take the first post from every month this year, and then take the first sentence of said post.  Arrange them in order (i.e. Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.), and that is how your year went.  Afterwards, describe if it was accurate or not.

So today I achieved one of my life ambitions and passed out. I have decided that my new pet peeve is people who think Texas is always hot. I am so, so sick of not understanding school. I OFFICIALLY HATE RUSSEL T. DAVIES! Am currently sitting in a uni computer lab. Dear Disney, Do you hear that? Words cannot express how happy I am that The Tales of Beedle the Bard is being published for the public!!! So I've been at school four days ... and the panic's come. It would not be a lie to say that my roommate has the coolest car on campus. Can we just talk about how adorable David Mitchell and Robert Webb are? "A Married State" by Katherine Philips. So I spent Thanksgiving with Kira and her family, and you know what?

This is actually a surprisingly accurate representation of my year, especially through May.  I tend to use rhetorical questions a lot, it seems, and am probably way too invested in British television.  Ah well.
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 Actually, while we're on the subject of adorable people, can we talk about how adorable David Walliams is?  And how fantastic it is that his parents called him Davinia when he was a kid?  And how brilliant it is that he wanted to be Wonder Woman when he grew up?  And also how much I adore the fact that he had a marriage pact with Denise van Outen?  Because I'm sorry, that is too adorable for words.  Because I adore her, and even though I hope she's very happy with Lee and whatnot, seeing as Gordon Ramsey is straight and taken, I would really like nothing better than for David and Denise to get married, and have lots of beautiful and talented babies with ambiguous sexualities.
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 Can we just talk about how adorable David Mitchell and Robert Webb are?  Because they are.

(And OMG, I'm SO tired, and I have a test tomorrow and everything!  Why am I still up watching 'Peep Show'?)

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