Apr. 12th, 2010

trinsy: (don't be so daft)
Okay, everyone. Pop quiz!

1.) You are a convicted (but innocent) murderer who successfully broke out of prison, and have been on the run for the better part of a year. You broke out to track down the man who framed you, which you now have done. Your godson, who thinks you're responsible for his parents' deaths (because the man who is responsible framed you), has come after you before you've had a chance to kill the traitor, and since the traitor is currently in the form of your godson's best friend's pet rat, your godson doesn't even realize the real traitor exists. You:

a.) calmly and explicitly explain to your godson what's going on.
b.) emotionally but still explicitly explain to your godson what's going on.
c.) speak as cryptically as possible so that your godson thinks you want to kill him.

2.) Your old school friend has turned up in time to stop your godson killing you, and the two of you are now trying to convince your godson that you didn't betray his parents and are in fact a good person. An old school rival gets mentioned in passing. You:

a.) ignore it. You have bigger things to deal with right now.
b.) ignore it, but remind yourself to ask your friend about it later, after you've been cleared and things have been sorted out.
c.) demand to know why the rival was brought up, and go on about how he deserved to almost get killed by the potentially deadly prank you played on him back at school.

3.) Your godson has convinced you NOT to kill the man who framed you, but instead to turn him over to the authorities. You and your friend are exceptionally talented wizards, but the traitor could still turn into a rat and escape. You:

a.) conjure a magical holding cell and send for the authorities.
b.) conjure a magical movable holding cell and take the traitor to the authorities.
c.) chain the traitor to a boy with a broken leg and your werewolf friend, and head for the nearest patch of moonlight.

4.) You have the power to turn into a dog at will, and are currently in canine form. Evil creatures that have the power and the permission to suck out your soul through your mouth are heading toward you. You:

a.) try to run away as a dog.
b.) stay where you are as a dog.
c.) stay where you are and turn back into a human to make it easier for the creatures to suck out your soul.

If you answered mostly a's and b's, congratulations! You are a sensible person. If you answered mostly c's, you are probably Sirius Black.

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