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Day 22: Your favorite villain

Barty Crouch Jr. I mean, come on, Fake!Moody was the best D.A.D.A. professor ever. In so many ways, BCJ doesn’t even make sense. Like, why is he so effective at teaching the kids? Why is he so nice to Neville? Why does he teach Harry how to block the Imperius Curse? Why didn’t he just make Harry’s bag into a portkey the first week of term? Why does so much of what he does make it seem like he maybe doesn’t even want Voldemort to succeed? Why is he just so plain awesome?

Basically, you can either take all that as due to him being poorly written, or due to him being way more complex than we ever get to fully appreciate since stupid Fudge let the dementor suck out his soul. Either way, the fact remains: Barty Crouch Jr. is badass!

(Hey, you know what would make a great fic? Something where it turns out Barty Crouch Jr. and Regulus Black were co-conspirators in the ‘let’s-steal-Voldy’s-horcruxes-and-bring-him-down-from-the-inside’ thing, and BCJ was going along with the Lestranges’ crazy Longbottom torturing thing because, I don’t know why, but we’d come up with something when we got there (didn't he say they threatened him or something?), but then the combination of Azkaban and being under the Imperius Curse all those years made BCJ go kind of psycho (which actually is pretty much true anyway), so that he didn’t even know what he wanted anymore, and he had all these crazy conflicting desires, which is why half of what he does in GoF seems to be counter-productive to his supposed end goal of killing Harry and resurrecting Voldemort. Oh my god, somebody please write me Barty Crouch Jr./Regulus Black BFF fic right now!)
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