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So I've watched through 2x15 of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I like it. It definitely gets better after the first season. It also seems to follow in its predecessor's footsteps in that the majority of the characters seem to be totally gay, even though they're all going around pretending to be straight. It goes something like this:

What is allegedly going on romantically:
  • Riker and Troi have some sort of history and are still kind of in love, but can't be together for reasons that are not revealed/don't seem to make a whole lot of sense.
  • Picard and Beverly Crusher are also in love, but can't be together for reasons that make a lot more sense.
  • Geordi and Data are bffs.
  • Worf is straight but has to be single because human females are "too delicate" to be with Klingons, and there aren't any female Klingons around. He occasionally angsts about this.

What actually seems to be going on romantically:
  • Worf is straight for Klingons, gay for humans. (There are multiple scenes throughout the episodes I've seen that heavily suggest Worf is up for sex with men.)
  • Worf is in love with Riker, who is in love with Data, who is in love with Geordi, who isn't in love with anyone but really needs to get laid. (Seriously, LeVar Burton, you were on a children's show!  You are tarnishing my Reading Rainbow memories!  Simmer down, there!)
  • Riker and Troi are gay bffs who like to flirt with each other because it's fun, and probably have some sort of pact along the lines of 'if we're both still single when we're fifty, we'll get married so that we won't grow old alone.'
  • Also, in the first season, Troi has a thing with Tasha Yar.
  • Picard and Beverly, who are the only people on the whole ship who come off as any kind of straight, just need to get a room already!

Seriously, all the UST on that ship is going to rip a hole in the universe! It's worse than high school! Just do it already, people!
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As if I needed more proof that my roommate and I are so totally nu!Trek Jim and Bones, respectively:

It's late, our other apartment-mates are in bed, my roommate has just eaten half a piece of red velvet cheesecake and moved on to the six-inch Italian sub from Subway she's had sitting in the fridge for two days, which she's now eating out on the balcony while going on about how the fog makes it look "like we're in the blue lagoon or something!" I join her, pointing out that it looks more like that part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland where you go through the fog and the voice goes "Dead ... men ... tell ... no ... tales..." and all the kids in your boat start crying. She hasn't been to Disneyland in four years and the ride was closed, she tells me semi-hysterically (with laughter), so she has no idea what I'm talking about. In the process of this conversation, she's dropped several bits of lettuce and olive. I tell her to pick them up. She doesn't, so I sigh long-sufferingly and do it myself. She drops some more olives, but this time she picks them up and throws them over our balcony. I go inside, closing and locking the sliding-door behind me. She bangs on it a little and makes crazy faces at me, which I ignore as I go to wash my hands in the kitchen. I'm going to let her in eventually, after I give her a little lesson about why she shouldn't be a moron. Then I look up and see that she's abandoned the door in favor of attempting to climb over the balcony railing.

"No no no no no!" I snarl, rushing over and wrenching the door open. "GET DOWN NOW!"

She complies, turning to me with a shit-eating grin. "I knew that would work," she says smugly.

"What if I had just left you out here?" I snap. "What if I had just let you be a moron and you had fallen and died?"

She giggles. "That would have been pretty funny."

I roll my eyes. "Okay, probably not died, but you could have fallen and broken your legs and then you wouldn't be able to play softball anymore. Is that what you want?"

She nods, grinning.

"Inside! NOW!" I bark. She complies, still giggling.

"One day, I'm just going to let you be stupid and kill yourself," I tell her.

"Whatever," she says.

And then we go to bed.
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  • Wooden bar makes climbing onto my roommate's slightly lower bed in order to more easily get off my own raised bed not as practical as I'd hoped.
  • Toilet clogged Wednesday night after making strange whistling/grinding sounds all week every time we flushed. Asked roommate who works at the Physical Plant to get someone to look at toilet for us. Apparently someone stopped by while I was in class yesterday. The toilet no longer makes noise, plus we now have a new toilet seat and showerhead which has really amazing water pressure. Slightly perplexed by the added bonuses, but definitely not complaining.
  • It's been hot all week, so I don't know why it only just now occurred to me to turn my fans on high.
  • Apparently the guys in the apartment across the alley want us to "wave and be more friendly and neighborly". Okay then.
  • I think I've done more homework in the past week then I did the entire time I studied abroad/the entire second semester of my freshman year. And it will only get worse. Christmas can't come soon enough. I already want to die.
  • Having a roommate with the same morning schedule sucks far more than I could have imagined.
  • I think VLC media player makes my computer run slowly, which sucks since I use it all the time.
  • I hate how I have to do laundry more often in the summer because I sweat more.
  • Every time I come back from class, I always start going to my old apartment. Conditioning is crazy!
  • I have this overwhelming urge to write Albus Severus/Scorpius fanfic, but absolutely no ideas for a plot, so ... I guess I won't be doing that.
  • Why is it that I can happily read fifty tabs of fanfic, but fifty pages in a novel for class and I want to kill myself?
  • On that note, I would fucking ACE a class on fanfic! Someone seriously needs to create that course. It could be like a media/lit/writing course, where you would read selected fics and discuss their merit and what makes it good or bad, and talk about AUs and why people write them and what we can learn from them and stuff, and then you'd connect it to the culture at large and the connections people make in fics, and then at the end instead of a term paper you'd just write your own fanfic and then your classmates would evaluate it based on what you learned in class. Okay, seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? You know you'd take that course!
  • Actually, someone just needs to start like 'Fandom University' or something, because then maybe school wouldn't suck so much for people like me. I mean, I'd actually have stuff to say in class if we were watching Doctor Who, you know? Intelligent, academic things to say too, because I actually have thoughts like that about it. Whereas I don't fucking care about post-colonial literature so I'm not fucking looking to see if water is a fucking motif because I'm just trying to finish the fucking book so I can read the other fucking book for my other fucking lit class so I can write the fucking analysis about fucking connections I'm making the fuck up because I don't actually fucking see any because I don't actually fucking care! See, school is clearly bad for my blood pressure. Fandom never makes me this profane (with the exception of The-Miniseries-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named which totally doesn't count because that was out of PASSION not PASSIONATE INDIFFERENCE).
  • Why the hell am I a Lit major again?
  • I went for a walk this morning before class. That was cool. I wonder if I actually have the willpower to do it every M/W/F. I hope so, because I liked it.
  • I sort of wonder if I will ever get over my newfound passionate love of Kirk/Bones. I mean, I'm sure I will, but it's really hard to imagine at this point.
  • Also, it's really weird, because I really feel like I'm a lot like Jim in AOS (I'm totally Spock in TOS, there is not question), but then I came back to school, and I realized that my roommate and I are totally AOS!Jim and Bones (except that we're not in love): she's outwardly cocky and happy-go-lucky and rash, but I'm one of the only people who she lets see the more serious, fucked up side of her, and people think she's a slut but I know better; and I'm cynical and tough and practical and sarcastic, and she's always getting me to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't do and have fun, and I'm always stopping her from doing things that are really stupid. It's actually kind of crazy how accurate that analogy is. I still think there's a huge part of me that's like AOS!Jim, though.
  • I'm really excited about the new seasons of Merlin and The Sarah Jane Adventures. I mean, I have no idea when I'll actually have time to watch them, but I will make time, damn it! Merlin/Arthur = OTP! And one story in SJA features Ten[nant]!
  • I actually miss my family a lot more than I thought I would. I mean, I knew I would, but I just didn't expect coming back to school do be so damn hard.
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Are you sure you want to quit Safari?

There are 8 windows open in Safari, with a total of 186 tabs. Do you want to quit anyway?

Ummm... I think I may have way too much Star Trek fic to read, guys. Yeah...

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