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Day 20: A favorite quote

So difficult! I have many, obviously. The twins, Ron, and Harry all have several great one-liners, of course. Then there’s Dumbledore’s words of wisdom/moments of awesome. McGonagall and Snape are also both extremely quotable. Then there’s all the little moments of wonderful characterization for Sirius and Remus, particularly in the Shrieking Shack scene (“If you made a better rat than a human, it’s not much to boast about, Peter,” for example). But I’m going to go with the line that always stayed with me from Deathly Hallows:

“Does it hurt?”

The childish question had fallen from Harry’s lips before he could stop it.

“Dying? Not at all,” said Sirius. “Quicker and easier than falling asleep.”

“And he will want it to be quick. He wants it over,” said Lupin.

First of all, arguably the most moving, heartbreaking, emotional scene in the whole series. Harry here. Just … Harry.

But also, okay, I guess this does kind of have to do with the characterization thing (characterization is a big thing for me) because, just, I love that it’s Sirius and Remus answering Harry here, not James and Lily. Because even though we know they love Harry and Harry loves them, Sirius and Remus are the ones who ended up being there for him, and they’re the ones Harry trusts. Like, I don’t think James and Lily even could have answered this question for Harry. It had to be Sirius. And actually, if you read this whole scene, you can see that. James and Lily assure Harry they love him, but any concrete question is answered by Sirius and Remus, and I think it’s because Harry knows them. He trusts them. And I just really like that.
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 A discussion about sugar content in beverages with my roommate's family (with a guest appearance by her little brother's BFF):

LITTLE BROTHER: "Ew, how much sugar do you put in your ice tea?  That's disgusting!"
ROOMMATE: "There's more sugar in your coke than I just put in my tea!"
LB: "Did you see how much sugar you just put in there?  No there isn't."
R: "Okay, try some of my tea and then try some of your coke, and you'll see that there's more sugar in the coke."
LB: "I don't want to try your tea, it's gross!"
R: *drinks some ice tea, then drinks some of LB's coke* "Yeah, it's --"
LB: "One is carbonated, of course it tastes different!"
R: "No, it --"
LB: "Look, you can't even compare them!  One comes from a tree --"
LB's BFF: "Tea comes from herbs, bro."

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So I downloaded a bunch of Christmas music over the weekend, and my roommate hung up Christmas lights, and yesterday it rained and I turned off our room light and turned on the Christmas lights and sat on my bed and drank hot chocolate and wrote a Christmas story.  Well, that I was my plan, anyway.  What actually happened was I got about a paragraph into my story and then one of the other girls came in and somehow I got suckered into watching The Notebook for the first time.  I thought it was a huge waste of 123 minutes of my life, which apparently means I am a horrible person and hate love and will die miserable and alone.  Which I am actually totally fine with if it means I don't have to lay on greasy asphalt, or have sex (or almost have sex or whatever it is they even do in that scene) in a dirty, dusty, rotting house, or spend seven years crying and angsting and getting drunk and leading perfectly nice people on because I am pathetic and cannot get over it, dear GOD, people, it's been SEVEN YEARS, MOVE ON ALREADY!  So yes, my plans were rather thrown off.

I also read Six Characters in Search of an Author which is a really fantastic play and one I recommend to anyone who writes fiction.  A few quotes that exemplify this brilliance:

"A character, sir, may always ask a man who he is.  Because a character has a life which is truly his, marked with his own special characteristics. ... And as a result he is always somebody!  Whilst a man ... in general ... can quite well be nobody."

PRODUCER: And so you'd say that you and this play of yours that you've been putting on for my benefit are more real than I am?
FATHER: Oh, without a doubt. ... If your reality can change from one day to the next....
PRODUCER: But everybody knows that it can change like that!  It's always changing. ... Just like everybody else's!
FATHER: No, ours doesn't change!  You see, that's that difference between us!  Our reality doesn't change. It can't change. It can never be in any way different from what it is. Because it is already fixed. Just as it is. Forever!  Forever it is this reality. It's terrible! This immutable reality.  It should make you shudder to come near us!

"Authors usually hide the details of their work of creation.  Once the characters are alive ... once they are standing truly alive before their author ... he does nothing but follow the words and gestures that they suggest to him.  And he must want them to be what they themselves want to be.  For woe betide him if he doesn't do what they wish him to do!  When a character is born he immediately acquires such an independence ... even of his own author ... that everyone can imagine him in a whole host of situations in which his author never thought of placing him.  They can even imagine his acquiring, sometimes, a significance that the author never dreamt of giving him."

And the last one kind of makes me go, "Oh god, I hope fanfic-ers don't get their hands on this."  But seriously, aren't they brilliant?
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Here is one of the many things I love about my mother:

I can call her and tell her bluntly that I am only calling her to put off reading Madame Bovary, and instead of telling me that I really should do my homework, she will say, "Oh, is it boring?  I've never read it.  Tell me what it's about."  And then she will proceed to talk to me for an hour about random things.

My birthday was awesome!  I got eight new tops, plus a pound of See's candy!  And after dinner we watched High School Musical 2 on TiVo and made fun of it together.  It was a good night. (pictures coming, possibly)

In other news, my Lit professor is made of awesome!  He appreciates Madame Bovary, but he also isn't afraid to make fun of some of the duller aspects of it.  Like in the first chapter there's a whole paragraph describing this kid's cap, and my prof goes, "This is possibly the most boring paragraph in literature."  And then, later, when Charles's first wife is killed of in two sentences, he says, "This is from the same guy who spent a whole paragraph on a cap.  Well, she's out of the way!  Now we can proceed!"

I also felt really good about myself when we were talking about later 19th century literature written about women who become unhappy in their marriages (and in almost all of them end up having affairs) and I'd read three of the works, including the one's he said were the two most important (Anna Karenina and A Doll's House).

Quote of the Day: "A woman starts thinking about her wedding when she's four or five.  A man doesn't start thinking about his wedding until the night before, and he's not thinking about the wedding!" ~ Dr. McKinney
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“Living’s heavy work, but off to one side, the way we are, it’s useless, too. It don’t make sense. If I knowed how to climb back on the wheel, I’d do it in a minute. You can’t have living without dying. So you can’t call it living, what we got. We just are, we just be, like rocks beside the road. … I want to grow again, … and change. And if that means I got to move on at the end of it, then I want that, too.” ~ Tuck

~ Tuck Everlasting ~


Feb. 26th, 2007 03:12 pm
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“You’re very strange,” she said.

“No, I’m very ordinary,” said Arthur, “but some very strange things have happened to me.  You could say I’m more differed from than differing.”

~ The Restaurant at the End of the Universe ~
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Jan. 29th, 2007 09:36 pm
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"A woman will judge another woman before she even gets a chance to speak.  'Oh, I hate her!'  'Why?'  'I just do!  I just hate her.'  The female dynamic is fascinating.  You will never meet another group of people who are so competitive over nothing." ~ Michael Campbell
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I've been thinking about this ever since I was asked it, and, to be honest, I still can't decide if this question is really stupid or really deep.

I kind of think it's both...
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  • You guys spend too much time with SquareBob! ~ Dr. Smith
  • I play games with myself and surprise myself! ~ Dr. Anderson (and he was talking about mind games, but still!)
  • The majority of adults in the U.S. suffer from lower back pain.  So you want to have really strong abs to prevent that. ... But I work out all the time, and I had to have back surgery this summer. ~ Dr. Anderson
  • ... but there are a lot of other factors, and that doesn't always work. ~ Dr. Anderson, after giving a long explanation about how to prevent heart failure or whatever
  • You guys know I try to be really sensitive when I talk to people.  So I say to [my 300 pound friend], "Jim, I'm not going to play basketball with you anymore unless you go to a doctor, because I don't want to have to give you CPR." ~ Dr. Anderson
  • Trinity: I named my professors after characters on Lost.
    Lena: You should make Dr. Anderson an Other!
    Trinity: I can't, I made Dr. Bowles an Other.
    Lena: WHY?
    Trinity: Because he looks like an Other.
    Lena: He also looks like the Easter Bunny, but we don't go around expecting to get chocolate from him!
  • I know!  You could name your professors after characters in Pirates!  And Dr. Anderson could be Barbossa: all he wants is an apple! ~ Camryn
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"Be ready because you know how Young Hall does it... Expect a Country Club evening coming to your school complete with handsome YOUNG men dressed in sportscoats and hors d'oeuvres!"

This completely made my night!  I'm really looking forward to seeing the Young boys dressed in hors d'oeuvres!
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  • Who gets ownership of a placenta? ~ Camryn, in a discussion about Tom Cruise
  • It’s like, asking someone to marry you at a funeral, and then right below that, asking someone to prom at Varsity! ~ Camryn, on the most awkward places to ask people out
  • Brian: He [referring to his female friend’s dad] gave me a book once.  It was called Eight Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter.
    Trinity: *laughs*
    Brian: We never went out.
    Trinity: Why, were the rules not simple enough?
  • “Brittany Wants Out!”  Yeah, out of your magazine! ~ Trinity, reading the cover of Us Weekly
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I think two geniuses who dont get enough recognition are Jack Handy and Shel Silverstein.  Jack Handys Deep Thoughts are absolutely brilliant, and yet a tragically small number of people have heard of them.  More people have heard of Shel Silverstein, but not enough people credit his insight.  I was reading Where the Sidewalk Ends today, and I was struck by how many of his poems contain such deep universal truths.  I will probably post many of his poems over the next few weeks, but tonight I shall only post two of my favourites.

Deep, no?  But wait, theres more!

Standing )

Draw your own conclusions.


Apr. 27th, 2006 01:38 pm
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Our lives become so heavily oriented around the expectations of others that we become more and more like them and less and less like ourselves.


I am not defined by what I am not.  And understanding this truth is a huge part of becoming whole.  I [need] to stop living in reaction and start letting a vision for what lies ahead pull me forward.


[My] job is the relentless pursuit of who God has made [me] to be.  And anything else [I] do is sin and [I] need to repent of it.

~ Rob Bell ~
Velvet Elvis ~
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Andrea: I read The Secret Life of Bees.  It’s such a great book!
Trinity: What’s it about?
Andrea: It’s about this girl who lives on this farm with a lot of bee hives and they make honey.
Christi: Yeah, that sounds reeeaaallly interesting!

Weston: Did you read enough for me and you?
Trinity: Nooo, I just read enough for myself.
Weston: Okay, good, I won’t hate you then.

Christi *doing her English homework*: ‘Mr. Rochester respects Jane because she is refreshing.’
Trinity: No.
Christi: Yes, that’s what you said!
Trinity: No.
Christi: So Jane isn't refreshing.
Trinity: No!
Christi: But didn’t you just say --
Trinity: *bangs head on table*

They have such a weird relationship!  He’s all, “Jane, this is your fault.”  And she’s all, “Really?  Well, this is your fault.”  And he’s all, “Hm, it’s interesting that you would point out my fault.” ~ Andrea, on Jane and Mr. Rochester’s relationship in Jane Eyre.
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Okay, so I love Mugglenet.  And Leaky.  Like, a lot.  They fully made my day!

“We tried. We denied it for months, we saw other people, we split our lives after Edinburgh in hopes it would all fade into a Scottish fairy tale.
Alas, it wasn’t to be so; true love overcomes such bonds.... Last week, on the cobblestoned slope of Edinburgh Castle - the site of Emerson’s now-famous shoe-carrying gesture, the one that stole Melissa’s heart away for good - we made it official.”

*dies laughing*

They’re so awesome!

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Sometimes Andrea makes me so, so happy!  Today was one of those days.  To wit:

  • “Just because you eat Top Raman eight times a day doesn’t mean you’re poor!  It just means you eat a lot!”
  • “If I were going to break up with someone, I would be like, ‘Meet me in the library,' because then they couldn’t yell at me.”

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