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So finals? Actually going a lot better than I would expect, all things considered. I mean, I already have two out of four papers written, which for me is pretty amazing. All credit, of course, is due to my amazing and awesome roommate, who dragged me to Starbucks and wouldn't stop giving me disappointed looks until I cracked and actually started doing homework. What did I ever do without her, seriously?

Of course, I also spent an hour today that I was supposed to be working on a paper writing fanfic. Because of course I can never be inspired when I have plenty of leisure time, but only during the most stressful times of the school year, like midterms and finals. I really like what I wrote, though, only it's from Ron's POV, and I've never written him before (I generally stay from Trio fics in general because there's so much canon stuff), and I'm worried I've made him too introspective. But it is set a good few years after he's had kids, so I figure it's not that much of a stretch. At least, I hope so. And come 12:30 Thursday, I will be FREE for three whole weeks, and I'll be able to fine tune it and stuff. So now I just need to survive until then.
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The most depressing part of all the friend drama I've had to deal with in college is knowing it doesn't get any less stupid the older you get. If anything, it only gets worse. Forget high school, elementary school never ends!
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I probably find my roommate-who-is-on-the-phone-a-good-ten-hours-a-day-if-not-more freaking out over the fact that she doesn't have cellphone service WAY too amusing to be a 'nice person'.

Actually, one of my other roommates and I are plotting to hide her phone as a prank, because we are pretty much the evilest people ever. But the idea of her freaking out over not having her phone is too hilarious to not try it.
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As if I needed more proof that my roommate and I are so totally nu!Trek Jim and Bones, respectively:

It's late, our other apartment-mates are in bed, my roommate has just eaten half a piece of red velvet cheesecake and moved on to the six-inch Italian sub from Subway she's had sitting in the fridge for two days, which she's now eating out on the balcony while going on about how the fog makes it look "like we're in the blue lagoon or something!" I join her, pointing out that it looks more like that part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland where you go through the fog and the voice goes "Dead ... men ... tell ... no ... tales..." and all the kids in your boat start crying. She hasn't been to Disneyland in four years and the ride was closed, she tells me semi-hysterically (with laughter), so she has no idea what I'm talking about. In the process of this conversation, she's dropped several bits of lettuce and olive. I tell her to pick them up. She doesn't, so I sigh long-sufferingly and do it myself. She drops some more olives, but this time she picks them up and throws them over our balcony. I go inside, closing and locking the sliding-door behind me. She bangs on it a little and makes crazy faces at me, which I ignore as I go to wash my hands in the kitchen. I'm going to let her in eventually, after I give her a little lesson about why she shouldn't be a moron. Then I look up and see that she's abandoned the door in favor of attempting to climb over the balcony railing.

"No no no no no!" I snarl, rushing over and wrenching the door open. "GET DOWN NOW!"

She complies, turning to me with a shit-eating grin. "I knew that would work," she says smugly.

"What if I had just left you out here?" I snap. "What if I had just let you be a moron and you had fallen and died?"

She giggles. "That would have been pretty funny."

I roll my eyes. "Okay, probably not died, but you could have fallen and broken your legs and then you wouldn't be able to play softball anymore. Is that what you want?"

She nods, grinning.

"Inside! NOW!" I bark. She complies, still giggling.

"One day, I'm just going to let you be stupid and kill yourself," I tell her.

"Whatever," she says.

And then we go to bed.
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Reason #8943 That I Have The Best Roommate in the Universe:

When I have a totally unexpected "Oh-my-god-no-one-has-found-me-attractive-since-I-was-thirteen-except-people-with-questionable-hygiene-why-am-I-so-hideous-WOE!" self-esteem crisis the night before she has a test, rather than abandoning me to my ridiculous emo, she not only stops studying to listen to me, but she actually explains why I have this issue in a way that not only makes me feel better about myself but actually makes sense. That's right, she answered a question I've been trying to find the answer to for over six years, and she did it without lying to me and without blaming it on me and making me feel like crap! Because she is the most awesome person the universe, basically.
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  • Wooden bar makes climbing onto my roommate's slightly lower bed in order to more easily get off my own raised bed not as practical as I'd hoped.
  • Toilet clogged Wednesday night after making strange whistling/grinding sounds all week every time we flushed. Asked roommate who works at the Physical Plant to get someone to look at toilet for us. Apparently someone stopped by while I was in class yesterday. The toilet no longer makes noise, plus we now have a new toilet seat and showerhead which has really amazing water pressure. Slightly perplexed by the added bonuses, but definitely not complaining.
  • It's been hot all week, so I don't know why it only just now occurred to me to turn my fans on high.
  • Apparently the guys in the apartment across the alley want us to "wave and be more friendly and neighborly". Okay then.
  • I think I've done more homework in the past week then I did the entire time I studied abroad/the entire second semester of my freshman year. And it will only get worse. Christmas can't come soon enough. I already want to die.
  • Having a roommate with the same morning schedule sucks far more than I could have imagined.
  • I think VLC media player makes my computer run slowly, which sucks since I use it all the time.
  • I hate how I have to do laundry more often in the summer because I sweat more.
  • Every time I come back from class, I always start going to my old apartment. Conditioning is crazy!
  • I have this overwhelming urge to write Albus Severus/Scorpius fanfic, but absolutely no ideas for a plot, so ... I guess I won't be doing that.
  • Why is it that I can happily read fifty tabs of fanfic, but fifty pages in a novel for class and I want to kill myself?
  • On that note, I would fucking ACE a class on fanfic! Someone seriously needs to create that course. It could be like a media/lit/writing course, where you would read selected fics and discuss their merit and what makes it good or bad, and talk about AUs and why people write them and what we can learn from them and stuff, and then you'd connect it to the culture at large and the connections people make in fics, and then at the end instead of a term paper you'd just write your own fanfic and then your classmates would evaluate it based on what you learned in class. Okay, seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? You know you'd take that course!
  • Actually, someone just needs to start like 'Fandom University' or something, because then maybe school wouldn't suck so much for people like me. I mean, I'd actually have stuff to say in class if we were watching Doctor Who, you know? Intelligent, academic things to say too, because I actually have thoughts like that about it. Whereas I don't fucking care about post-colonial literature so I'm not fucking looking to see if water is a fucking motif because I'm just trying to finish the fucking book so I can read the other fucking book for my other fucking lit class so I can write the fucking analysis about fucking connections I'm making the fuck up because I don't actually fucking see any because I don't actually fucking care! See, school is clearly bad for my blood pressure. Fandom never makes me this profane (with the exception of The-Miniseries-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named which totally doesn't count because that was out of PASSION not PASSIONATE INDIFFERENCE).
  • Why the hell am I a Lit major again?
  • I went for a walk this morning before class. That was cool. I wonder if I actually have the willpower to do it every M/W/F. I hope so, because I liked it.
  • I sort of wonder if I will ever get over my newfound passionate love of Kirk/Bones. I mean, I'm sure I will, but it's really hard to imagine at this point.
  • Also, it's really weird, because I really feel like I'm a lot like Jim in AOS (I'm totally Spock in TOS, there is not question), but then I came back to school, and I realized that my roommate and I are totally AOS!Jim and Bones (except that we're not in love): she's outwardly cocky and happy-go-lucky and rash, but I'm one of the only people who she lets see the more serious, fucked up side of her, and people think she's a slut but I know better; and I'm cynical and tough and practical and sarcastic, and she's always getting me to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't do and have fun, and I'm always stopping her from doing things that are really stupid. It's actually kind of crazy how accurate that analogy is. I still think there's a huge part of me that's like AOS!Jim, though.
  • I'm really excited about the new seasons of Merlin and The Sarah Jane Adventures. I mean, I have no idea when I'll actually have time to watch them, but I will make time, damn it! Merlin/Arthur = OTP! And one story in SJA features Ten[nant]!
  • I actually miss my family a lot more than I thought I would. I mean, I knew I would, but I just didn't expect coming back to school do be so damn hard.
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It’s Friday morning, and it’s raining, and the very last thing I want to do is go to class. My lack of motivation isn’t helped when I discover my roommate has already commandeered the bathroom … even though she doesn’t have to leave until at least an hour after I do. Which means, of course, that I’m annoyed with her even before she starts playing Taylor Swift’s new song ‘White Horse’. If she were playing it on a CD, instead of out of her computer, I think I would have broken the disc by now. Swift whines in an emo half-whisper about how she’s “not a princess and this ain’t a fairytale”, and first of all, it’s “isn’t” not “ain’t”; second, how surprised is she, really, to have discovered reality; third, the whole problem seems to have stemmed from her dating a world class jerk, so again, how surprised is she by this outcome; and fourth, no she isn’t a princess, but she is a very rich, famous, and successful teenage country star, so maybe she should count her blessings and shut up already about her ostensibly terrible love life. Also, stop making stupid girls even more emo.

So I get dressed and trek off to class a bit earlier than usual, partly because it takes longer to walk in the rain, but mostly because I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming around on a white horse to trample Taylor Swift if I have to listen to that stupid song one more time. Consequently, I’m the first person in the classroom, but this blissful solitude doesn’t even last a full minute before the door opens and my least favorite classmate enters with her friend.

She’s a sophomore with the whole bohemian “I-don’t-care-what-people-think-of-me” thing going on, and has the extremely irritating habit of loudly proclaiming just exactly what she finds wrong with world at that particular moment – there’s always something – but she does it with an impressive vocabulary, and the other sophomores think she’s brilliant.

I’m not surprised, this morning, to hear her complaining about something – children or her Linguistics homework or the fickleness of men or her parents deciding to take a second honeymoon in Mammoth during Spring Break – it doesn’t matter what it is, really, her point is the same as Taylor Swift’s: life sucks.

And the most frustrating part is that I can’t really articulate why she’s wrong. I can’t help thinking that if I’d met her when I was a junior in high school or a freshman in college, I would probably have loved her and found her hilarious – which probably says more about me than it does about her. As it is, though, she happened upon me in the stage of my life where any cynicism that isn’t my own annoys me, for reasons I can’t fully explain. My ever-present optimistic streak is strong this year, and life’s rough, sure, but it doesn’t suck as much as everyone seems to think, and then my realistic side jumps in and snaps that maybe if people didn’t have such stupid, unrealistic expectations in the first place, they wouldn’t be so jaded now.

It’s stopped raining by the time I finish my classes at noon, and I’m walking back to my apartment still struggling with the paradox of my own cynicism and my loathing of the cynicism of others, when a cloud slides away, and I’m hit by brilliant sunlight. Suddenly I’m forcefully reminded of walking this same road two years ago as a freshman, wondering if this was how the next three-and-a-half years would be: the bright sun, and the awkwardness, and the vast, terrifying, unknown blank that is the future (and the terrible irony is that I wasn’t that far off).

I get home and try to distract myself for a few hours, and then one of my roommates comes home and announces she’s going for a walk, and I remember that I’m supposed to be exercising for my P.E. class, so I should probably go on one too. I get my shoes on and grab my iPod, and it’s only after I’m in the neighborhood that I realize this probably wasn’t the best idea if I didn’t want to have to think. It’s nearly sunset as I turn on to Hill Street, which is just far enough away from my apartment for my pessimistic side to kick in and remember, hey, wasn’t it supposed to rain again tonight?

I look up, but the sky is completely clear. I follow its ever-lightening curve down to the clouds lining the horizon, behind which the sun has just disappeared. Below the ocean is laid out, muted colors in the pre-twilight, pastel shades of orange, pink, blue, green, gray, and brown, and the combination should be ugly, but somehow it isn’t.

I’m supposed to be getting my heart rate up, but it’s hard to care about passing a P.E. class when confronted with such overwhelming natural beauty. Instead, I stop and take in its vastness, and – just for a moment – feel that maybe it’s enough.
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 I have really, really awesome friends.

Which is kind of a strange thing to write the day after I had to end my friendship with one of my closest friends of two-and-a-half years but ... it's true.  I have absolutely amazing friends.

And they love me.

And I love them.

And that makes the fact that I'm home alone tonight perfectly all right.
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 A discussion about sugar content in beverages with my roommate's family (with a guest appearance by her little brother's BFF):

LITTLE BROTHER: "Ew, how much sugar do you put in your ice tea?  That's disgusting!"
ROOMMATE: "There's more sugar in your coke than I just put in my tea!"
LB: "Did you see how much sugar you just put in there?  No there isn't."
R: "Okay, try some of my tea and then try some of your coke, and you'll see that there's more sugar in the coke."
LB: "I don't want to try your tea, it's gross!"
R: *drinks some ice tea, then drinks some of LB's coke* "Yeah, it's --"
LB: "One is carbonated, of course it tastes different!"
R: "No, it --"
LB: "Look, you can't even compare them!  One comes from a tree --"
LB's BFF: "Tea comes from herbs, bro."

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So I've been at school four days ... and the panic's come.  It hasn't fully set in because I've been holding it off through sheer force of will, but I've felt it hovering on the edge of my mind from the moment we drove onto campus.

And just ... I hate it.  Not just because my own panic scares me more than anything else in the world, but because it just doesn't make sense.  I was trying to explain it to my roommate last night because the thing is, I never panicked in Scotland.  Not once.  I was on the other side of the world, and I had no friends, and school didn't make an ounce of sense, but I never panicked.  I mean, I was failing school, and there were nights when I went to bed hungry, and I was lonelier than I'd ever been in my life (which is saying a lot), but ... I slept at night; I didn't cry; I was happy.  And that logically makes no sense at all.

I mean, here I can go to class and know what's going on (usually); here I have people who actually care about me; here I'm not completely on my own.  But here I panic.  I was telling my roommate how, emotionally, Scotland was really good for me because "it kept me stable and it kept me sane."  And then I paused and said, "Or maybe it kept me delusional."  Because the truth is that Scotland was the first place since I came to college that I didn't feel homesick.  And it took me nearly the whole semester to work out why, but one day it finally all clicked into place:

In Scotland I was so far removed from everything that I was able to tell myself that at the end of it all I could go home.  And here I just know that's not true.  I can't lie to myself in Texas because I see all my stuff in that unfamiliar house; and here I can't lie to myself because I grew up fairly close to my school, so when I'm here I know what I lost.  And I know that I can't go home because there is no home.

And so the panic sets in.  And I hate it.
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So my friend Liz is coming to visit me in Scotland this weekend. She's staying until Wednesday. She was supposed to come tonight, but her flight was cancelled, so she's coming tomorrow night instead. Is it bad that I'm happy? Probably.

Also, on Monday I went to the mall and there was a 3 for 2 sale on Torchwood books, so I bought all three from Series 2. I just finished the last one, 'Twilight Streets'. It was the best one, so I'm glad I read it last. It was full of Jack/Ianto goodness! I think at some parts I totally forgot how to breathe! *sigh* I miss Torchwood. Like, a lot. I miss Jack/Ianto. Can Ianto please, please be in the Doctor Who finale? Everyone else is!

Also, yesterday I was reading 'Something in the Water', which is another Torchwood book, and in it all these people got a weird alien disease that started out as a sore throat, and this morning I woke up with a sore throat, and now I'm paranoid. I took some airborne, though, and it seems to be going away. Maybe it was just because I left my window open all night. But if it is an alien disease, can Jack and Ianto come save me? And bring the Doctor and Donna with them? Because even if they didn't have a cure, it would still make my entire life.
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In high school, I didn't really have friends.  I mean, I had friends in the sense that there was a group of certain people that I always sat with in class and at lunch and hung out with at school events.  But I didn't do stuff with them outside school; in the summer I never saw any of them, so in the summer I effectively didn't have friends.  It would be a lie to say this didn't bother me, but by high school I was too used to being on my own most of the time to be overly fussed about it.  In fact, in high school I actually had more of a life then I'd ever had before, so even though it bothered me that no one ever invited me to the weekend gatherings, it wasn't like I felt like I'd suddenly become a reject (and I wasn't a reject, just forgettable; there is a difference).

Probably the biggest adjustment I had to make in college was having friends.  I mean, it was very bizarre for me to suddenly have people outside my immediate family actually genuinely care if I was sick or sad or didn't turn up for dinner.  It was weird for me to have people come into my room and ask if I wanted to do something that weekend, and even weirder when they seemed genuinely disappointed if I said I was going home.  Even more bizarre: I wasn't the forgettable one anymore.  There actually is a forgettable girl in my group of friends, and I can never get over how it's not me.  Over the summer these girls called me, planned a trip with me, and pestered me if I didn't update them about what was going on in my life.  It was all very new and weird for me (in a good way), and I honestly don't have any idea how it happened because a huge reason I didn't have friends previously is because I don't know how to make them.

That brings me to my point: I don't have friends here in Scotland.  I actually have friends to a lesser degree here than I did in high school.  I mean, the classes are all so huge that it's basically impossible to have "class friends"; and while my flatmates are all nice and I get along with them, hanging out with them is awkward, and I don't really interact with them beyond the occasional friendly greeting in the corridor.  Basically, it's like high school all over again, minus the chats at lunch and the in-class banter, and also minus my mom bugging me to get off the computer when I'm home.

This doesn't really bother me.  Do I wish I had friends here?  Yes, of course.  Am I miserable because I don't?  Far from it.  I couldn't take more than a semester here for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is not the lack of friends.  That said, I don't regret my decision to come here this semester, and in some senses I'm less miserable here than I am at my home university (certainly in the sense that here I don't cry myself to sleep every night (or any night, for that matter)).  I only have one problem:

I don't know how to explain any of this to my friends from home.  I've basically given them general, evasive, and I'll admit misleading updates about my time here because I don't know how to tell them that a.) I don't have friends here, and b.) that's okay.  I'm used to being on my own, and in some senses I prefer it (and it's probably where I get the attitude my friends have told me they both hate and admire so much: No one who's not an authority figure in my life is going to tell me what to do!).  It's not like it wouldn't be nice to friends here, but I don't require friends.  I can get by on my own.

Normally, I wouldn't even worry about it, I'd just keep giving them the misleading updates over the next two months and avoid giving them specifics when I see them in August -- hey, it worked all summer! -- but I've encountered a huge problem.  One of my friends is coming to visit me here next month.  And yes, I've basically led her to believe that I have friends here.  And I don't.  Crap.  Because what am I supposed to do now, go find friends the last two weeks of classes?  How's that going to work?  But I don't know how to tell her that I don't actually have friends here because this is the one girl who is still in close contact with her high school friends (even my friends who had real friends in high school don't really talk to them anymore); this is the one girl who I know will never understand that it's okay for me not to have friends.  I don't even know what to do because I'll never be able to explain it to her but it's not like I can go get fake friends to show her, you know?  And honestly, I'm tired of having to lie about not having friends.  I just wish I could level with someone in real life, you know?
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On having to verify her signiture in a London gift shop: "I tried to explain to the guy how my signatures are never the same. He told me I shared too much with him."

After describing a girl she met in only simple sentences: "(I apologize for no sentence variation, she, she she...etc. I am crunched for time!)"

Describing London to me: "You would like London because all the people walk freakishly fast!!!  I am a slug here. I try and try to walk super fast ... but they are mutants!"

On walking from her hotel to the bookstore: "The hotel lady said it would only take 10 minutes to get there. Unless you are an olympic medalist there is no way it would have taken 10 minutes."

On taking her luggage from her London hotel to the taxi: "Imagine me, tired looking, puffy hair, in the rain, trying to pull two cows, all on cobblestone."

On taking the luggage from the taxi into the airport: "Straining to pull my luggage up a massive curb, I'm talking 18 inches, a English woman snarled at me, yes snarled."

On rushing through the airport to make her flight: "I was moving at the speed of light (low wattage)."

Maybe these are funnier if you know her but ... I seriously laughed for five minutes over the last one!
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Highschool orientation today.  It was boring, as I'm a senior now and consequently already know all this crap.  And, of course, I dislike school on principle.  The only good thing was that I got to see my friends, which was nice.  I shall now describe them for you, as you will be reading a lot about them over the next few months.

  1. Christi: Christi is my best friend at school, partly because she was my first friend there, partly because she also doesn't care about school, and mostly because we have a lot in common.  I love her to death.  However, the thing you have to understand about Christi is that she'd forget her own name if people didn't keep shouting it at her.  Last year I had both my and her schedule memorized after the first day, which was lucky for her, because I constantly had to tell her what class she was supposed to be in.  I got to school an hour later than she did, because I didn't have a 1st period.  I'd usually run into her as I came in, and our conversation would go something like this:
    Me: "Hey Christi!"
    Christi: "Hey!  What class do we have next?"
    Me: "I have Geometry.  You have study hall."
    Christi: "Oh yeah!  Thanks!  See you, Trinity!"
    What was really sad about this, was that we were still having conversations like that in March.  Anyway, the coolest thing about having Christi as my best friend (not that this is the reason I'm friends with her, you understand) is that she's two years older than I am, and therefore has been able to drive me around since the middle of sophomore year (did I mention Christi has her own car?).  We got in trouble a lot last year for going to lunch together (it's a closed campus, except for seniors :s).  Anyway, the main things to remember when I talk about her are that she's forgetful and drives me around, as this will explain a lot.

  2. Judie: Judie and I became friends sophomore year when we were in Drama together (which Judie still does; I only took it because I had to have a Fine Art, and everyone knows that the Drama teacher is a pushover, so it was the easiest A).  Judie and I initially became friends because we were the only girls in our Drama class, and became better friends last year when we somehow ended up in the Senior Honors English class together.  Judie is a homeschool geek like me, by which I mean that she is very cultured (by which I mean that she knew about Phantom of the Opera before they made it into a movie and everyone became obsessed with it).  Judie reminds me a lot of my sisters in the sense that she reads a lot of books that most college students wouldn't be able to comprehend for fun. Also, she is the shortest of all of us, but the mothering one of the group.
  3. Johannah: It's very hard to describe Johannah.  She is simply... Johannah.  She's very cute, and funny, and excitable.  There's really nothing more to say about her, but as she's one of my good friends, it's important that you know about her.
  4. Jazz: Jazz was one of my friends when I was a freshman, but she's been at another school for the past two years.  For some really trippy reason she's back this year, which is very exciting.  Jazz is one of those people that everyone loves, for no other reason but that they are themselves.  The thing I really like about Jazz is that she's a super-rich Newport Beach girl, but she doesn't act like it.  She hates rich yuppities just like all the rest of us.  The school she's been at the past two years is for super-rich people like her.  Her parents took her to look at it in the middle of freshman year and she came to school the next day crying.  When we asked her what was wrong with the school she sobbed out, "The cafeteria looks like a freakin' Country Club!"  This is the kind of thing that makes me love Jazz.
  5. Bethany: Bethany is a sophomore I met last year, partly because I'm friends with her sister Amanda (who graduated last year).  Bethany is a lot like me.  She's very happy-go-lucky, and doesn't give a rip about school.  She's super-cute, and I absolutely love her!
  6. Ryann: And that's pronounced Ryan, not Rye Ann, and don't you forget it!  Ryann is a junior I met my sophomore year in my Speech class.  We have almost nothing in common, especially because Ryann is very school-dedicated (like she'll cry if she gets anything lower than an A; whereas I couldn't care less).  We basically became friends because Ryann's best friend Kelly (think "Elle Woods") and I got along really well, so the three of us would hang out.  Kelly left the school at the end of 1st semester last year, but Ryann and I are still friends. She's adorable.
  7. Christine: Of course, this list would not be complete if I did not mention Christine.  You will be reading a lot about Christine here.  Christine, like Ryann, is a junior (and they're really good friends, F.Y.I.).  She lives in my neighborhood, and we were actually neighborhood buddies from about eight to ten, at which point we just kind of stopped hanging out.  Then, low and behold, we ended up going to the same school (which wouldn't be so weird, except that it's private).  Btw, my school goes 7-12.  This is only important because Christine (who is about a month younger than me) and I started going there the same year, but she entered as an 8th grader and I as a freshman.  In spite of this, Christine took quite a few highschool level classes that first year, and we had Math and Sign Language together.  Here's the thing about Christine: She loves school.  Christine is one of those sick honors student people who beg - not ask, beg - the teacher for homework and extra-credit.  Now I love Christine, but having a class with her is just... hell.  You know what I'm talking about.  You'll have a class project, and everyone else (including you) will do the bare minimum (because why do more when you can get the same for less?), and then Christine will show up with this elaborate thingy that makes it look like no one else spent more than two seconds on their thing.  It's sickening.  And somehow I've ended up in a class with her every single freakin' year!  Actually two classes every year.  Part of the reason I ended up with her is that the way I've fulfilled my requirements is messed up, so last year I took several sophomore classes even though I was a junior.  But this year I knew I was safe from that.  Because all two of the classes I'm taking are strictly senior.  So you can imagine my frustration - er - dismay when I arrived at the Government/Economics part of my orientation to discover Christine.  Yes, Christine has decided to take Government/Economics a year early.  I can run, but I can't hide.  What makes this all the worse is that Allison (the Senior class's version of Christine, except prettier, nicer, more likable, and generally more perfect) is also in that class.  So basically the two most perfect students in the entire school are in my Government/Economics class.  Joy.

All right, well, that pretty much wraps it up.  Sorry about the novel-sized entry.  Until next time, folks....

Deep Thought of the Day: Remember when you were a kid in school, and the teacher would forget to give the class homework, and you'd raise your hand and tell her she forgot, and there'd always be people who'd complain?  Didn't you hate those people? ~ Jack Handy (that one's for Christine!)

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